New York Keynote Presentations

New York Keynote Presentations

International Business and Economics Scholarship from the Space of Mindfulness

picture-110-1418332752David Borker, Ph.D, Manhattanville College, USA, Editor-in-Chief of the International Business & Economics Research Journal (IBER).

Learning how to balance your mind, cultivate awareness, build emotional resilience, develop self-compassion and generate compassion for others, see and listen deeply.

“Mindfulness meditation and contemplation practices have influenced all levels of education, including undergraduate and graduate teaching in colleges and Schools of Business.  This teaching has penetrated the business world, through such means as executive educational programs, resulting in the spread of mindfulness meditation practices in many types of organizations.  Although there is scholarly and professional research on the role of mindfulness in business higher education and business organizations, little if any attention has been paid to the potential impact of mindfulness practices on business and economic scholarship itself.  This is the subject of our keynote address. The first part of the presentation describes intellectually and demonstrates experientially the basic concepts and practices of mindfulness meditation as they have been actively utilized and transmitted for several millennia in the East.  The second part summarizes briefly the benefits that have been derived from integrating mindfulness meditation practices into both business higher education and into actual business organizations.  The third part examines the characteristics of scholarly thinking, research, writing and discourse and identifies the unique benefits that can be derived by integrating mindfulness meditation and contemplation practices into these activities.  The conclusion offers a vision of international business and economics scholarship transformed by the mindfulness of its authors.”

About David Borker, Ph.D

David Borker is an associate professor in the Department of Economics, Finance, and Management at Manhattanville College since 2009, where he teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in accounting,   international marketing, international management, and international business.   Professor Borker received his B.A. from Cornell University, a Master of Accounting from the Ohio State University and a Ph.D. from Yale. He is a licensed certified public accountant (CPA). Before joining Manhattanville College, Professor Borker worked in accounting, finance, and international business at Visa, Huntington Bancshares, American Electric Power, and RWE Gruppe. He was a business management consultant in the United States for several Fortune 100 companies and consulted internationally in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. He has taught undergraduate and MBA-level courses in accounting and other business subjects at various other universities. Professor Borker’s primary research interests are international accounting, international Internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and business education. Prof. Borker regularly gives papers and chairs sessions at business conferences and publishes research articles in a variety of scholarly journals. To date, he has published over 30 articles in peer reviewed scholarly journals and made over 40 oral presentations at scholarly and professional meetings.  In addition to being Editor-in-Chief of the International Business and Economics Journal, he is on the editorial board of several other scholarly journals.


All Aboard! The Affective Approach to Increasing Global Awareness

Dr. Rachel Dunbar, Calhoun Community College / ReDirect Consulting, Inc., USA

“Minority students are less likely to travel internationally for a number of different reasons. They are reluctant to leave their families, believe that traveling is reserved for the majority population, and fear that they are not financially able to afford this “luxury”. This is especially problematic when these students have few faculty members of color on their campuses with whom they can confer for guidance. Given that society is becoming increasingly diverse, there is a need for more faculty of color who are sensitive to the needs of students of color at colleges and universities (Gasman, Kim, & Nguyen, 2011). This is also true for varied industries whose workforce demographics reflect diversity, but not extensive global awareness. To whom can employees turn within their companies to help direct them toward a greater understanding international significance in their professional lives?

The presenter believes that the development and implementation of an early intervention strategy to present individuals with a new perspective on the benefits of traveling abroad will offer the widest range of benefits for students and employees, including increased graduation rates and higher workforce productivity, respectively. Therefore, the purpose of this workshop is to offer insight on how to develop a reciprocal approach to Krathwohl’s learning taxonomy to translate it into an instructional taxonomy. Through interactive, hands-on activities that focus on the affective domain, participants will walk away with a practical tool kit of strategies to utilize in increasing, engaging, and retaining students and employees in diverse society. Further, workshop participants will explore alternative global opportunities including internship, work abroad, and language immersion.”

About Dr. Rachel Dunbar

Rachel B. Dunbar is the founder and CEO of ReDirect Consulting, Incorporated (RDC, Inc.), an educational consulting firm specializing in industry assessment and program restructuring in order to help clients realize academic and professional excellence. She holds a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Doctorate in Early Childhood Education/Urban Education from Georgia State University. She has spent significant time overseas in Asia and Australia developing and implementing educational programs and has made numerous distinguished contributions to educational research at schools and universities in the U.S. With over 16 years of extensive educational experience in both the domestic and international arena, Dr. Dunbar represents the “complete package” as a consultant with expertise in Elementary Education, Special Education, Educational Leadership, Reading Development, and Diversity Education. 

As a domestic and international workshop facilitator and conference presenter, Dr. Dunbar emphasizes a “hands-on, minds-on” approach to learning. Her presentations have included constructive team building, the impact of faculty mentoring on undergraduate students, integrated curricula for grade level educators, confronting racism and bias in educational settings, and diversity sensitivity. Dr. Dunbar stresses the need for diversity infusion in both academics and professional development. Under the premise that the world is not a monocultural society, Dr. Dunbar urges individuals to critically consider how they can play a positive role in fostering a more inclusive learning environment. 

Currently, Dr. Dunbar is the full time Child Development Instructor at Calhoun Community College in Huntsville, AL. Previously she worked in higher education at Augusta State University, The University of West Georgia, and Alabama A&M University. Her passion for helping others grow in every facet of their lives led her to establish a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama to create the P.O.W.E.R. Mentor Program (Placing Opportunities Within Everyone’s Reach). This program, which pairs college students as mentors to children from the Boys & Girls Clubs, focuses on fiscal responsibility, cultural and fine arts exposure, STEM exposure, and motivation for college attainment.